Al Wadi Building Materials

Building materials market with full confidentially, achieving more success, which we started from years ago. also, we are aiming to take a good share in this leading sector, contributing to develop and improve this sector by submitting good services and earning the trust of our customers. Hence, our main aim is to satisfy our customers by introducing our distinguished services in the market and continuing our success.

We aim to contribute to the building materials sector, build the state and society effectively, and contribute in the prosperity of this sector by providing it with new and modern technologies and knowledge. On the other hand, we are aiming to achieve our goals of increasing the customer’s satisfaction by providing additional services and not allowing any defect to effect out credibility in the market.

Shower Systems

Of modern style, function and elegantly detailed taps from different reputable brands

Water Drains

Including Linear drain Shower Channels and Tile Holder Drains For Domestic and Commercial Floor Drainage Systems

Sanitary Ware

Wide range of Luxury Bathroom Products, Taps, Shower Accessories, Water Drains, Traps, Wastes, Water Saving Solutions, and Special Tools for the Elderly

Tile Trims & Dividers

Skirting Boards, Glass Profiles, Lighting Profiles and Expansion Joints, Made of Aluminium, Stainless Steel and Brass, in a Wide Range of Colours.

Musaffah M35, Abu Dhabi - UAE. In front of Emirates Driving School


The Brands, which we represent, are guaranteed for quality assurance by our manufacturer .

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